Hunter Biden: Loses Bid to Delay the Start of Gun Trial

According to Politico, Hunter Biden lost his latest attempt to delay the start of his criminal gun charge trial on Tuesday. 

Abbe Lowell, Hunter Biden’s attorney, told Judge Maryellen Noreika the defense team isn’t ready for the June 3 start date because it has had a difficult time locating expert witnesses willing to help the son of President Joe Biden, particularly regarding drug forensics and drug addiction issues.

“We have not been delaying; we have not been tardy,” said Lowell in his opening remarks. “We have been trying,” Politico related.

Lowell, claiming the current situation is unlike any he’s faced before, pushed to postpone the trial to September.

The high-profile defense attorney told the judge that three individuals had “tentatively agreed” to serve as expert witnesses but had not yet finalized their agreements for retention.

“People are reluctant to become involved in this case,” said Lowell. 

The younger Biden has been charged with three felony counts for allegedly owning a handgun while lying on a form and addicted to drugs when he purchased the gun in 2018.

Judge noted Biden’s team has had substantial time to prepare

Noreika noted that the indictment was handed down eight months ago, and Biden’s attorneys knew well beforehand that an investigation was being conducted. She declined to delay the case and said the trial would go on as scheduled.

In a last-ditch effort, Lowell then attempted to get Noreika to delay the start of the trial until the first week of July.

“I am pleading with your honor to give me the time to do this,” said Lowell. 

According to Politico, Noreika appeared unmoved and irritated with the defense throughout the hearing.

In addition to the gun case Biden faces in Delaware, the son of the president faces a separate California criminal indictment stemming from tax issues. David Weiss, the special counsel, spearheaded an investigation that resulted in both cases.

While Biden’s lawyers have filed motions to dismiss both cases, the judges overseeing them—Judge Mark Scarsi in California and Noreika—have rejected them, prompting the defense team to file appeals. 

During the hearing, Lowell suggested that Biden’s legal team is running low on resources to handle proceedings in two appellate and two district courts on opposite coasts.

“They have the resources to be ready on both coasts,” said Lowell, referring to the prosecutors. “I wish we did. But it’s not for want of trying.”

Lowell indicated he would seek an appellate court’s injunction, ordering Noreika to delay the trial. The judge stated she did “not find it credible” that Lowell won’t be ready to proceed as scheduled and doesn’t expect success with his appeal.