How the American Dream of Owning Property is Being Destroyed

America is under attack — not by armies of soldiers, but by foreign exploitation and unchecked corporate greed exploding unchecked that threaten the foundation of the future of our nation.

Farmland and single-family housing are being snatched up at a shocking rate, not only by wealthy elites but increasingly by foreign powers like China.

This isn’t only an economic issue — it’s an all-out assault on our national security and sovereignty.

As we are forced to live through the erosion of the American Dream, the attack on our hopes for homeownership hasn’t ever been more unrelenting or brutal.

Today’s reality is stark. Homes are now classified as “unaffordable” in 99% of the nation for the everyday American.

This isn’t only a market trend; it’s a nationwide crisis that screams of a system that is rigged and trampling on the average American.

Who are the culprits responsible? Well…look no further than the ravenous appetite of private equity firms and their type, which have ruthlessly and systematically driven up the price of homes.

These investors seized an astounding 44% of all single-family home purchases in 2023, turning what should be homes for families to enjoy into profitable machines for shareholders.

This isn’t simply business — it’s an encompassing plunder of residential America, where substantial private equity firms act with carte blanche, backed by left-wing policies that prioritize corporate wealth over the rights of individuals. 

The harsh effects of this frenzy driven by greed are punishing and palpable. Mortgage interest rates have topped 7%, skyrocketing homeownership for numerous aspiring Americans, particularly first-time buyers and millennials who find the dream of homeownership slipping through their fingers.

In the meantime, those who own homes hold on to them in fear of entering this manipulated market, strangling the supply and inflating prices further.

While the U.S. taxpayer watches the homeownership dream slip away, the American farmer watches while their future disappears.

In 2021 alone, foreign entities owned around 40 million acres of American farmland—an astonishing 40% increase from only five years prior.

The implications of this foreign land grab are ominous.

In America, we aren’t only selling acreage; we are selling the control of our food supply and giving in to a future where decisions about U.S. agricultural land are made in China instead of in the heartland.

The soil that nurtures our families fuels our nation, and supports our communities is being sold off to the highest bidder with minimal regard for the long-term consequences.

The dangerous path is facilitated by a faction of private equity firms and left-wing oligarchies who have turned the American Dream into a brutal market for speculation.

In the meantime, small American farmers, the rural communities’ backbone, are shut out, unable to compete with the deep pockets of corporate and foreign buyers. The pillaging of American soil must end — end now.

We need aggressive legislative action that reins in these noncompetitive practices, restores fairness to a system grotesquely skewed against average Americans, and protects private property rights.

We must demand transparency and truth, impose strict regulations on institutional purchasing of residential properties, and prioritize individuals’ rights to own a home without being undercut by billion-dollar firms.

We need a transparent tracking system for foreign ownership of U.S. land and strict controls. We must pass legislation to ban or severely restrict the sale of our farmland to foreign governments and corporations.

The battle lines are drawn in our communities, and the time to act is now.

Suppose we don’t confront this assault on our dreams and rights. In that case, we risk condemning future generations to a landscape where land ownership is the privilege of only the elite and the American Dream has become hollow — stuck in the past.