House Investigating Biden’s Alleged Misuse of Air Force Two

House Oversight and Accountability Chairman, Republican James Comer of Kentucky, has requested information about alleged misuse of Marine Two and Air Force Two during Joe Biden’s time as vice president.

Fellow committee member, GOP Byron Donalds of Florida, and Comer, wrote to U.S. Archivist Colleen Shogan a letter Wednesday seeking unrestricted special access under the Presidential Records Act related to Biden’s foreign travel with his family on the official vice presidential helicopter (Marine Two) and airplane (Air Force Two).

The National Archives and Records Administration is the custodial agency of records of the vice president. 

The House oversight panel is probing Biden’s alleged influence peddling in the business dealings of his son, Hunter Biden.

“Then-Vice President Biden’s misuse of Air Force Two and Marine Two is indicative of yet another way in which the President has abused his various offices of public trust and wasted taxpayer to benefit his family’s enterprise, which consisted of nothing more than access to Joe Biden himself,” Donalds and Comer wrote to Shogan. 

“Devon Archer, a longtime Biden family associate, has stated it is ‘categorically false’ that Joe Biden played no role in his son’s foreign business dealings. Flights on Air Force Two around the world to seal business deals are evidence of that role,” they continued.

Donalds and Comer asked Shogun to provide the requested documents before September 13.

Comer: Least transparent president, most “corrupt” vice president in American history

During an appearance Tuesday on Newsmax’s “National Report,” Comer said the president was the least transparent president in American history and probably the more “corrupt” vice president.

“Then-Vice President Joe Biden abused Air Force Two by allowing his son to jet set around the world to sell ‘The Brand’ to enrich the Biden family. This is yet another example of then-Vice President Biden abusing his public office for his family’s financial gain,” said Comer in a statement on the Oversight Committee’s website.

“There must be accountability for this abuse of taxpayer-funded resources. We fully expect the National Archives to provide this information to the Oversight Committee so that we can provide the transparency that Americans demand and deserve.”

Donalds said the House panels’ probes into the Biden family has “uncovered undeniable corruption.”

“The walls are closing in on the Biden Family due to consistent and diligent efforts by House Republicans who’ve followed the money, conducted meticulous interviews and hearings, and uncovered undeniable corruption,” said Donalds in a statement.

“I am proud to partner with Chairman Comer on this latest undertaking to expose then-Vice President Biden’s gross misuse of Air Force Two and Marine Two to benefit his family’s enterprise. The American people deserve to know how much their former Vice President and current President abused his power to shake down foreign governments and enrich his family to the tune of millions of dollars.”