Hollywood Rallies Around California Governor as Recall Vote Looms

Celebrities and the rich and powerful are teaming up to bankroll the effort to prevent the recall oust of Democratic California Governor Gavin Newsom in September.

Directors, producers, actors and executives have opened their wallets to try to protect Newsom, who faces a recall on September 14. 

According to records released by the California Secretary of State’s Office Netflix CEO Reed Hastings has contributed $3 million to the political action committee tasked with defending Newsom.

Paramount Pictures gave $40,000, the Entertainment Software Association contributed $50,000 and the Motion Picture Association spent $10,000.

Director Steven Spielberg gave $25,000 to the anti-recall movement, while Barbra Streisand gave $2,500.

Additionally, singer-songwriter John Legend urged Californians to vote against the recall. Legend tweeted, “Don’t DeSantis our California. Reject the ridiculous recall. Vote No and return your ballot by 9/14.” 

Legend singled out the top-polling Republican challenging Newsom, Larry Elder, for pointed criticism.

“Florida COVID deaths are higher now than ever. The leading GOP recall candidate sees them as role models. That’s foolish. Vote NO for this nonsense,” he wrote.

Voters in California have a two-stage ballot for the recall. First, they must choose whether or not to recall the governor.

Following that they vote for the candidate they choose to replace Newsom.

Recall effort charges ahead

Newsom faces harsh criticism for his handling of the Covid-19 pandemic, imposing strict lockdown measures that hampered or closed numerous businesses across the state.

The Supreme Court has ruled repeatedly against Newsom’s restrictions against religious gatherings. Many Californians also called the governor hypocritical after Newsom attended a dinner at the well-known restaurant the French Laundry in violation of his own Covid-19 guidelines.

The leading California gubernatorial candidate challenging Newsom is confident Newsom “will be out of here” by September 14.

Larry Elder blasted the governor for the surge in homelessness in the state, the rising crime numbers, as well as coronavirus shutdowns. Elder argued that Newsom overreached with the shutdowns, leading to a third of all California small businesses shutting their doors.

The majority of the latest surveys indicate that Elder, a conservative talk radio host, is the front-runner among the gubernatorial replacement candidates.

Also according to recent polling, Newsom currently leads the polls with approximately 50% of the vote to 46% in favor of recalling him. The recall effort would need 50% plus one vote in order to pass.

The polling numbers are within the margin of error.