Speculation Grows for 2024 after DeSantis Inauguration Speech: ‘Sure Sounds A Lot Like the Launch of a Presidential Campaign’

Florida Republican Governor Ron DeSantis’ inauguration speech for his second term has inspired both praise and speculation about a possible 2024 presidential run. DeSantis won his re-election bid for Florida’s highest office by a whopping 19.4 percentage points. He is widely seen as a top contender for the Republican presidential nomination and an alternative to former President Donald Trump.

During his address, Gov. DeSantis contrasted his gubernatorial leadership with that of Democrat-run states. He referred to Florida as the “promised land of sanity” and said it is where “woke goes to die.”

“The opportunity to be part of the best team in the country, working for a leader who diligently and steadfastly fights for Floridians every day, has been the honor of a lifetime. I will never forget this day! #FLInauguration2023 #TheFreeStateOfFlorida” tweeted Christina Pushaw, a political aide to the governor. 

Others noted that former 2016 presidential candidate Jeb Bush attended DeSantis’s inauguration. “A Jeb (!) sighting at the DeSantis inauguration,” tweeted a reporter for the Daily Beast, Jake Lahut.

“DeSantis looks like he’s pondering the question, ‘How in the hell do I escape the coming photo ops for me being in the same frame as ‘Jeb!'” conservative writer Hillbilly Progeny tweeted.

CBS News reporter Aaron Navarro contrasted the success of DeSantis to the struggles of national Republicans, tweeting, “Today — Republicans in D.C. are in distress, but Republicans in Florida are celebrating.”

Speech inspired contrasts with McCarthy, struggles in the House

“Contrast the Republican Party in D.C., who can’t decide which ‘muh Ukraine’ flag waver to make Speaker, with the scene and themes of Republican Governor Ron DeSantis’ second inauguration in Florida. It’s like these aren’t even the same political parties,” tweeted BlazeTV host Steve Deast.

Governor DeSantis railed against government overreach, far-left ideologies, and global elites in his speech. “Now, fighting for freedom is not always easy because the threats to freedom are more complex and more widespread than they have been in the past,” said DeSantis. “The threats can come from entrenched bureaucrats in D.C., jet setters in Davos, and corporations wielding public power. But fight, we must. We embrace our founding creed, that our rights are not granted by the courtesy of the state, but are endowed by the hand of the Almighty.”