GOP Senator Lindsey Graham Presses DOJ, Weiss for More Hunter Biden Probe Info

Republican Senator, Lindsey Graham of South Carolina, is pressing the Justice Department for additional information on the investigation into Hunter Biden after allegations from whistleblowers who say the Delaware U.S. attorney behind the investigation was denied a request to bring more serious charges.

“To the American people, it appears DOJ had its thumb on the scale of justice,” wrote Graham on Wednesday to Attorney General Merrick Garland.

“Specifically, two whistleblowers allege U.S. Attorney [David] Weiss wanted a special counsel designation and was denied. They also state that efforts to bring stronger cases in Washington, D.C., and California were rejected. These allegations are corroborated by a contemporaneous e-mail. It is imperative these allegations are addressed head-on,” added Graham.

“Were you aware of any request by U.S. Attorney Weiss to be designated special counsel? And likewise, were you aware of any effort to seek support to bring felony charges in Washington, D.C., or California? Finally, if U.S. Attorney Weiss made such requests and you were unaware, who would be the decision-making authority in such a case?”

Last week, Hunter Biden agreed to plead guilty to federal tax offenses and avoid full prosecution on a separate gun charge in a deal with the Justice Department that will likely spare him jail time.

Hunter Biden will plead guilty to the misdemeanor tax offenses as part of an agreement made public on Tuesday.

Additionally, the agreement will avert prosecution on a felony charge of illegally possessing a firearm while a drug user as long as the younger Biden adheres to conditions agreed to in court.

Deal ends lengthy Justice Department investigation

The deal ends a lengthy Justice Department investigation into the foreign business dealings and taxes of the son of President Joe Biden, who has acknowledged his long struggles with addiction. It also avoids a trial that would have generated days or weeks of distracting headlines for a White House that has strenuously sought to keep its distance from the Justice Department.

In a letter to Weiss, Graham sought clarification about the probe.

“Whistleblower allegations indicate that while you were investigating Hunter Biden, you requested Special Counsel designation and were denied and that you sought more serious charges and that attempt was rejected. Whistleblowers also indicated that you made efforts to bring charges Washington, D.C., and California, and were also rejected,” wrote Graham.

“These allegations are corroborated by a contemporaneous e-mail. Please provide information regarding these allegations, as a prompt response is necessary to reassure the public that there is equal distance under the law.”

“I have been informed that you and your office were briefed on the allegation in an FD-1023 form suggesting there may have been phone calls recorded between Hunter Biden and Joe Biden with a senior official at Burisma Holdings, a Ukrainian energy company. The FD-1023 in question alleges that the confidential informant told the Department of Justice and FBI that such tapes may exist,” stated the letter.

“Were you, in fact, briefed on these allegations by United States Attorney Scott Brady or anyone else? If yes, what actions were taken to investigate this matter, and what was the final disposition?”