GOP Representative Tim Burchett: ‘Classic Misdirection’ in Hunter Biden Case

Monday, Republican House Oversight Committee member Representative Tim Burchett of Tennessee, charged that Hunter Biden’s lawyers engaged in “classic misdirection” to exonerate the president’s son of suspicious business dealings

The alleged misconduct “goes really deep,” according to Burchett.

“There [are] two forms of justice in this country,” said the representative. “The Bidens and the rest of us.”

“The Justice Department, in their infinite wisdom after this so-called five-year investigation, gives [Hunter Biden] a slap on the wrist,” lamented Burchett. “In Tennessee, I’ve seen people do more time and more punishment for traffic violations…than what Hunter Biden got.”

Hunter Biden is scheduled to appear before a judge on July 26 to formally strike a plea agreement with prosecutors on gun and tax charges that will likely spare President Joe Biden’s son time behind bars.

The plea agreement calls for Hunter Biden to plead guilty to two misdemeanor counts of failing to pay taxes. He must also commit to court-imposed conditions that will spare him full prosecution on a felony gun charge. 

“You’ve got over intelligence professionals who said that the [Hunter Biden] laptop was a Russian hoax, and now we know it isn’t,” said Burchett. “And yet none of those so-called intelligence people are being called on the carpet for it or being denied their security clearances. So, this goes really deep.”

According to Rep. Burchett, allegations from the attorney for Hunter Biden that included assertions a whistleblower in the case was “disgruntled” is “classic misdirection. You know, ‘don’t look at this.'”

“That’s exactly what the attorney’s doing — what he’s paid to do,” said Burchett.

Americans “cannot disregard over $10 million that flowed through Hunter Biden”

However, Americans “cannot disregard” the “over $10 million that flowed through Hunter Biden for no other reason than he was the vice president’s son and to gain access to the vice president who is now the president,” added Burchett.

Hunter Biden “got his hand caught in the cookie jar — both hands and both feet,” asserted Burchett. “And this thing is going is going to go deep, and there’s more and more to it.”

Representative Burchett lamented the “five-year investigation” being unable to find what was found by the House Oversight Committee.

“I’m not accountant by any stretch,” said Burchett, “or an attorney, but I could read I could follow the trail of the money, the laundering.”

Hunter Biden clients don’t pay “tens of thousands or millions of dollars,” and “you don’t set up 21 bank accounts in LLCs that don’t do anything,” said Burchett.

“You have to do something,” Burchett said. “That’s why the mob used to invest in flower shops and things like that. Because you know it shows a cash flow. You can run it through some kind of business.”

However, he said regarding the Bidens, “They just stuck it in their pocket.”