Former President Donald Trump: Secret Service Knows White House Cocaine Truth

Former President Donald Trump said he believes the Secret Service knows who is responsible for the cocaine left in the White House. 

Trump appeared Thursday on a talk show and said, “I have a lot of respect for the Secret Service, and I believe they know who it is,” said Trump of the cocaine found in the White House last week. “I know that part of the White House very well, and the only one that gets really good access is like family members and Cabinet members where they [the Secret Service] don’t go crazy in checking. So, it has to be somebody like that.”

“Perhaps it was a Hunter [Biden] deal, and they left for him, and he forgot to pick it up like he forgot to pick up his computer.”

During the interview, Trump was asked if President Joe Biden could survive a brutal 2024 presidential campaign, followed by another potential term. 

“I don’t see it. I watch this guy. I was much more respectful to him and to the office until they indicted me,” said Trump. “They indicted their primary opponent who’s leading by 50 points, and he indicted. Nobody believes it. Over nonsense, over absolute nonsense. That Presidential Records Act, it’s not even a criminal thing. 

“When they do that, then the gloves are off. Look, we have a corrupt president. He’s a stone-cold thief. He’s an extortionist. And his son is the one doing it.

Last month, it was reported that Hunter Biden agreed to a guilty plea to misdemeanor tax offenses and is expected to reach an agreement with prosecutors on the felony charge of possessing a firearm illegally as a drug user. 

A threatening WhatsApp text message, revealed by an IRS whistleblower to a Chinese business associate, showed Hunter Biden referencing his father to get an agreement signed quickly that led to millions of dollars being deposited in bank accounts owned by the Biden family. 

The interviewer asked Trump what would happen if one of Trump’s children had sent a similar message. 

“Well, they would have been arrested immediately,” said Trump. “What would have happened to almost anybody else, other than a radical left Democrat and or a Biden? This is years and years of putting people in place; that’s all it is. But that was extortion at a high level. And that’s mafia talk. Just incredible.”

Trump believes D.C. officials played a part in the weaponization of the government

Discussing Congressional hearings investigating the weaponization of the government, Trump maintained that officials in Washington, D.C. played a part in getting him banned from the social media site Twitter. 

“Yes, I think so,” said Trump. “It goes deep. This is Clinton. This is Bush, RINOs. A lot of people. Obama. Biden. These are a lot of people put in place. I believe it 100 percent. I don’t believe it; I know it.”

Trump added that he knows what ails his top Republican presidential primary opponent, GOP Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. 

“Ron suffers from a very, very serious and probably incurable disease. He’s got no personality,” said Trump. “And when you have no personality as a politician, historically, it’s not a good thing.”