Florida Republican Rep. Introduces Impeachment Articles Against President Joe Biden

GOP Representative Greg Steube of Florida leaped ahead of his Republican colleagues Friday and introduced impeachment articles against President Joe Biden.

Although several congressional committees are building a multifaceted case to remove the president from office, Steube said it is past time to take action. Steube filed articles of impeachment against Biden and charged that the president had been complicit in his son, Hunter Biden’s, alleged crimes and worked to shield him from prosecution.

“It’s long past time to impeach Joe Biden,” said Steube in a statement. “He has undermined the integrity of his office, brought disrepute on the Presidency, betrayed his trust as President, and acted in a manner subversive of the rule of law and justice at the expense of America’s citizens.”

Rep. Steube filed four articles that allege high crimes and misdemeanors by the president.
The first article accuses the president of the abuse of power of his office by allegedly accepting bribes, honest services fraud related to the use of his official position, and committing Hobbs Act extortion.

The charges arise from President Biden’s alleged involvement with his family’s business dealings, including the president’s brother James Biden and son, Hunter Biden’s alleged efforts to sell access to then-Vice President Biden between 2009-2017 in exchange for “payments and business opportunities from foreign and domestic business partners.”

GOP House Oversight Committee Chairman Representative James Comer of Kentucky released a memo Wednesday that purported to show that foreign payments to the Biden family added up to over $20 million — although Democrats say none of the evidence indicates that President Joe Biden accepted payments or committed any misconduct.

The second article charges that the president obstructed justice and cited IRS whistleblower testimony that “members of the Biden campaign improperly colluded with Justice Department (DOJ) officials to improperly interfere with investigations into tax crimes alleged to have been committed by Hunter Biden.”
Both special counsel David Weiss, the U.S. attorney appointed to investigate Hunter Biden, and the Justice Department have denied that the Biden administration impeded Weiss’ work.

The third and fourth articles accuse the current president of “fraud” and paying for Hunter Biden’s liaisons with prostitutes and illegal drugs.

“The evidence continues to mount by the day — the Biden Crime Family has personally profited off Joe’s government positions through bribery, threats, and fraud. Joe Biden must not be allowed to continue to sit in the White House, selling out our country,” said Steube.

Steube’s report came the same day as one to require Secret Service to write a report about WH-controlled substances

Steube introduced legislation on the same day as one requiring the Secret Service chief to write a report on the illicit use of controlled substances at the White House. The move came after the Secret Service wrapped up its investigation into cocaine found in the White House last month without identifying a person of interest.

Representative Steube called the bill the “Helping Understand Narcotics Traces at the Executive Residence (HUNTER) Act.”

“The United States Secret Service (USSS) refers to themselves as one of the most elite law enforcement agencies in the world. It’s completely unacceptable that the USSS has failed to find who is responsible for bringing cocaine into one of the most secure buildings in the world,” said Steube.

“The American people deserve answers. My legislation demands information on the closed investigation into the cocaine found at the White House in July and focuses on how Congress can provide oversight to prevent future illicit usage of controlled substances in the White House.”

Rep. Steube’s articles of impeachment have jumped ahead of at least four Republican-led committee investigations that are pursuing different avenues to impeach Biden. The Biden administration continues to ridicule suggestions the president should be removed from office.

“We’re not going to get into what House Republicans want to do or may not do — hypotheticals. That’s on them. That’s for them to speak to. What I can speak to is exactly what we’re doing today,” said Karine Jean-Pierre, press secretary, in July.

“The economic data is so much better than economists had expected. And so, that’s because of the work that this President has done. That’s going to be our focus. Our focus is going to be on what we can do to make Americans’ lives a little bit better, giving them that extra breathing room,” said Jean-Pierre.