Florida Gov. DeSantis Unloads on Trump, Says ‘Stay Tuned’ for 2024 Decision

In a recent interview, GOP Florida Governor Ron DeSantis had some pointed remarks about some of the Trump administration’s decisions and recent attacks from former President Donald Trump.

DeSantis also offered his strongest hint to date about his 2024 plans, telling supporters to “stay tuned” on his plans to challenge former President Donald Trump for the GOP nomination possibly.

In an interview with TalkTV’s “Piers Morgan Uncensored,” which is scheduled to air Thursday night, Governor DeSantis contended he would be able to “beat” President Joe Biden by providing solid results instead of just talking tough.

“I get personnel in the government who have the agenda of the people and share our agenda,” said DeSantis. “So, the way we run the government, I think, is no daily drama, focus on the big picture and put points on the board, and I think that’s something that’s very important,” said the governor, contrasting his vision with those of the Trump administration.

The Florida governor described Trump’s attacks on him, often including the nickname “Ron DeSanctimonious,” and possible upcoming indictments on the former president as nothing more than “background noise.” However, until now, DeSantis has held off on any actual direct engagements with criticisms from Trump.

“It’s not important for me to be fighting with people on social media. It’s not accomplishing anything for the people I represent,” emphasized DeSantis. “So, we really just focus on knocking out victories, day after day, and if I got involved in all the undertow, I would not be able to be an effective governor.”

DeSantis takes a “series of jabs” at Trump

In what some, including Morgan, have characterized as a “series of jabs” against Trump, who, if DeSantis were to run, would be his biggest Republican rival, the governor hinted at failings in areas like the pandemic.”

“The approach to Covid was different. I would have fired somebody like Fauci,” said DeSantis. “I think he got way too big for his britches, and I think he did a lot of damage.”

When asked to name some characteristics of the Trump administration as marked by infighting or chaotic, he said, “You bring your own agenda in, you’re gone. We’re just not gonna have that. So, the way we run the government, I think is no daily drama, focus on the big picture, and put points on the board.”

Although the Florida governor refused to comment on any potential charges against the former president in the alleged Stormy Daniels hush-money scandal, he made it clear that he highly values moral standards in a leader.

“At the end of the day, as a leader, you really want to look to people like our founding fathers,” explained DeSantis. “It’s not saying that you don’t ever make a mistake in your personal life, but I think what type of character are you bringing?”

Governor DeSantis noted that Trump’s recent focus on him came immediately following his reelection by a 19.4-point margin against Democrat challenger Charlie Crist.

He also was puzzled by the former president’s derogatory nickname for him (Ron DeSanctimonious) and said, “I mean, you can call me whatever you want, just as long as you also call me a winner because that’s what we’ve been able to do in Florida is put a lot of points on the board and really take this state to the next level.”