Donald Trump: I Will Debate Biden ‘Anywhere, Anytime, Anyplace’ 

Former President Donald Trump, the presumptive GOP presidential nominee, posted Friday on Truth Social that he is ready and prepared to debate Democrat President Joe Biden “ANYWHERE, ANYTIME, ANYPLACE.”

Earlier Friday, the president told radio host Howard Stern he is “happy” to debate former President Trump as the candidates prepare to enter the final six months of the 2024 presidential election.

“I am somewhere. I don’t know when, but I am happy to debate him,” said Biden in the one-on-one interview with the radio shock jock.

Trump posted in response, “Crooked Joe Biden just announced that he’s willing to debate! Everyone knows he doesn’t really mean it, but in case he does, I say ANYWHERE, ANYTIME, ANYPLACE, an old expression used by Fighters.”

Earlier in the month, Trump’s two top advisers for his campaign sent a letter to an independent commission that regularly sanctions similar events and called for an accelerated timetable for debates, starting them earlier in the campaign cycle and holding more than the traditional three, reporters Reuters.

“I suggest Monday Evening, Tuesday Evening, or Wednesday Evening at my Rally in Michigan, a State that he is in the process of destroying with his E.V. Mandate. In the alternative, he’s in New York City today. Although, he probably doesn’t know it, and so am I, stuck in one of the many Court cases that he instigated as ELECTION INTERFERENCE AGAINST A POLITICAL OPPONENT — A CONTINUING WITCH HUNT!”

The first debate is set for September 16, followed by another on October 1, and a final on October 9. The debates will be held at Virginia State University in Petersburg, Texas State University in San Marcos, and the University of Utah in Salt Lake City.

“It’s the only way he thinks he can win,” continued the Trump post. “In fact, let’s do the Debate at the Courthouse tonight — on National Television; I’ll wait around!”

Trump’s co-campaign manager, Chris LaCivita, also responded to President Biden’s comment to Stern and posted on X, “OK, let’s set it up.”

Trump wants to debate Biden

Jake Schneider of the Republican National Committee said, “Biden’s handlers must be furious. His staffers have gone to great lengths in recent months to dodge the debate question — likely due to Biden’s clear cognitive decline and inability to form coherent sentences.” 

The former president, who didn’t debate his GOP rivals in the primary race, said in a video clip posted on X by RNC Research, formerly known as Twitter, “I want to debate. I want to debate Biden. I’ve actually put out a call. And I said for the good of the nation, we should debate — anytime, anyplace.”

In a post on April 3, RNC Research asked, “Why won’t Biden commit to a debate with President Trump? He knows President Trump would wipe the floor with him.”