Does Anyone Want the President to Help Their Campaigns?

Where has every president been two weeks before the midterms? Campaigning in the battleground states. Well, this president seems to have gone AWOL for these tightly contested midterm elections. 

President Joe Biden is so unpopular that he is being held back from states like Georgia, Nevada, and Arizona. They just can’t take the chance that he will sway more people toward the GOP. 

Biden knows how important this election is, he has said over and over again that it is one of the most important elections in our lifetime. 

There are key races for congress and the governor’s seat that will be decided on election day, and the president is nowhere to be found, according to the Wall Street Journal.

They wrote that of the 14 states with the most competitive Senate and governor races in the country, based on the ratings of the Cook Political Report, the president has visited only six since the beginning of September. Biden has not been in Arizona, Georgia, or Nevada at all in this campaign, even though they are three states that he won in his bid for the White House. 

No one on the left is even complaining that he is absent from the front lines in these significant races. The polls are clear, most Americans do not approve of his job performance. He botched the withdrawal from Afghanistan, is responsible for record inflation with unbelievable gas prices, and there is unprecedented chaos at the southern border. 

There’s just nothing to point to as a success. 

It’s not just from Biden’s side, the politicians in the states, like Georgia gubernatorial hopeful Stacey Abrams and Senate candidate (and current Ohio representative) Tim Ryan, are keeping a good distance from the president. Some expert strategists are saying Biden is a definite drag on midterm hopes. It’s clear many will blame him if the election doesn’t go to the left. 

In the meantime, Biden is staying close to home and focusing on events that promote his policies and fundraisers for his party. 

Chris Kofinis, a Democratic strategist, said the problem is that it is no longer clear what is politically safe. He said that he’s not surprised that Biden is staying away from Arizona and Nevada, and he’s not sure whether Biden is helping or hurting places he has gone to like Pennsylvania and New York. What is clear is that no candidate is begging him to come.

Some Candidates Choosing Obama Over Biden

Some have decided to bypass the president and bring in former President Barack Obama. He has campaigned in both Michigan and Wisconsin over the weekend and he will go to Arizona and Nevada next week. But experts have noted that even Obama may not be able to save the day for the party. 

When Obama was the president, his October schedule for 2010 before his first midterm election was full. He made 22 campaign-related trips, and Biden has made just 8 such trips this October. Just two years ago, he supposedly received 80 million votes.

And now he’s just going to blue strongholds like Kathy Hochul’s gubernatorial race in New York and Fetterman’s campaign in PA. And incidentally, those sure win races and a no longer sure win. 

When party favorite Obama doesn’t have the power to save you, things are looking pretty bad. That’s why some keep predicting a red tsunami.

Hopefully, after these midterms are finished, Biden and his team will realize that he does not have a chance to win the 2024 presidential election and will choose not to run. 

So until these midterms are over, you might be able to find Biden where he was for much of his presidential campaign, in the basement.