Democrat CA Governor Gavin Newsom: Hypocrisy and Corruption Are the Story of His Tenure

Democrat California Governor Gavin Newsom’s blatant corruption and hypocrisy have been displayed for years. He barely puts any effort into disguising it. 

His latest scandal originates from the formerly Golden State’s wage hike for fast-food restaurants. An exemption was written into the legislation for restaurants that bake and then sell their bread on-site. A Bloomberg report linked the move to billionaire Greg Flynn, a close friend of Newsom who complained about the proposed law and whose company controls several Panera Bread restaurants across California. 

Governor Newsom’s office claims that “our legal team has reviewed it, and it appears Panera is not exempt from the law.” Multiple sources told KCRA 3 that the governor pushed for the exemption in the late stages of the bill’s negotiation in 2022 with Flynn’s influence.” 

So, who should the public then believe? Newsom’s office’s interpretation of what “appears” to be covered by the legislation or his record regarding exemptions for his buddies and himself?

A look at Gavin Newsom’s hypocrisy

Let’s look at the CA governor’s hypocrisy. The first attempt to recall him was launched after he violated his own Covid-19 restrictions on dining indoors and the size of the groups dining while eating with a lobbyist at an upscale French restaurant, the swanky French Laundry. While he shut down public schools and required masking for children, his children attended school in person and attended maskless summer camps. 

The state of California bans all publicly funded travel to several states based on their “hateful” laws; the governor has traveled freely to promote his own political ambitions, violating both the spirit of an actual law if taxpayers funded his security during travel.

Newsom isn’t a stranger to showing preferential treatment to preferred industries, which was proved when California exempted the Hollywood film industry from several Covid-19 lockdown rules and restrictions. As long as he is in the spotlight and receiving accolades, he doesn’t care about his own mandates and regulations.

This is how Gavin Newsom has consistently operated as governor. We have over five years of experience and evidence that this is how Newsom is. He has no interest in hiding how he is consistently willing to use his powerful position to benefit his friends and himself while preparing for a possible future presidential campaign. He is entirely unfit to be a leader of California, let alone the United States.