Biden’s Weak Plea to Oust Senators

President Biden made a weak plea for some help from Democratic donors so that he can get his agenda passed and out of the current gridlock. He spoke at two fundraisers recently and whine about the GOP opposition, but he also focused on two Democratic players that he wants to be replaced. Biden asked the donors to send him “reinforcements” on Capitol Hill, specifically, he asked for “two more senators.”

This was a reference to his desire to replace Sensor Kyrsten Sinema from Arizona and Senator Joe Manchin from West Virginia. These are democratic senators who keep derailing Biden’s progressive agenda.  Biden didn’t name the two senators, but he did say they were “slowing up what we’re able to do.” But the plea was weak because there is little hope that Democrats will pick up any seats in this year’s midterm elections, and there is wide optimism from the GOP that they will retake control of Congress. 

Biden Speaks Out to Donors

President Biden is doing his best to stay an optimist as he passionately urged donors to give generously in support of his party. At each of the two fundraisers, they amassed approximately $2.5 million, according to an official with the Democratic National Committee. 

The first fundraiser had just a small group attending. It was held on a patio in the back of Andrew Hauptmann’s home. He is a private investor. This event also had Hollywood producer Jeffrey Katzenberg present. The second fundraising over the weekend was at the estate of Him Saban on Mulholland Drive. He is a mogul in the entertainment industry. There was a larger crowd than sat under a tent that was set up on the property’s tennis court. 

Biden spoke at the event and talked about the economic progress that has occurred since he took office. But he had to admit that prices will likely keep rising during inflation. “We’re going to live with this inflation for a while. It’s going to come down gradually, but we’re going to live with it for a while,” Biden said. The president also used these platforms to talk with emotion about the recent shootings in Uvalde, Texas, and Buffalo, New York. He made fun of the idea that teachers should be armed and used as an example the length of time it takes to train a soldier to use a firearm. 

Gun Control Plea

Using his hand and fingers like a pistol, he said, “It’s not easy to pick up a rifle or a gun and blow somebody’s brains out.”Biden used his wife, First Lady Jill Biden, at the events as well. She spoke before the president and told the crowd that her husband is “working as hard as he can. We are moving in the right direction.”

The president also attempted to rally more allies to support Ukraine. He referred to the fact that some people doubted the U.S. intelligence that indicated Russia was getting ready to invade the country. He even said that Ukrainian President Zelenskyy did not want to hear the intelligence. 

Finally, the president was frustrated with the media coverage of the Summit of the Americas which was held in Los Angeles this week. There were several stories that focused on some Latin leaders who boycotted the summit. The most notable absence was the president of Mexico. Other leaders who cam gave speeches that criticized how the United States was handling the event. 

Biden said about the press, “I wish they would go back and interview all the heads of state.” He then insisted that there was “overwhelming” support. The overall message from Biden seemed to be a weak effort to stop the bleeding of his administration.