Biden ‘Child of God’ Blunder Backfires as Catholic President Tries to Justify Abortion

Conservatives were outraged after President Joe Biden defended the right to an abortion by appealing to his natural rights as a “child of God.” One pundit claimed the president “just made the case against abortion” with his efforts to campaign for it.

The President’s latest blunder happened when Biden spoke to the press and elaborated on his stance on the leaked Supreme Court opinion draft, which seems poised to overturn Roe v. Wade.

“This reminds me of the debate I had with Robert Bork,” said Biden. “Bork believed the only reason you had any inherent rights is because the government gave them to you.”

Biden spoke of his 1987 comments to Bork “when I was questioning him as chairman.” The President continued, “I said, ‘I believe the rights that I have, not because the government gave them to me, which you believe, but because I’m just a child of God, I exist. I delegated by joining this union, to delegate oblig — some right I have to the government for social good.”

Parts of Biden’s response were unintelligible, which conservatives leaped at on Twitter, slamming the President for saying he believes that the rights he has had given to him “as a child of God” to justify his defense of abortion rights.

Conservatives irate

“Pretty sure God doesn’t want His children murdering viable unborn human beings a [d] nauseum. I know, crazy thought and outside the box thinking on my part but maybe just think about it…” tweeted American Majority CEO Ned Ryun.

Texas Republican Party chairman Matt Rinaldi tweeted, “Having this doddering fool as President is our country’s greatest threat in nearly 70 years.”

“President Biden using ‘child’ twice in two days in rather contradictory ways,” said Pluribus editor Jeryl Bier, pointing out that the previous day the President had used the phrase “choose to abort a child.”

Political fundraiser Beth Baumann tweeted, “Biden literally just made the case against abortion.”

According to the Washington Examiner, journalist Jerry Dunleavy also tweeted, saying, “Biden says there are’ rights I have, not because the government gave them to [m]e, but just because I’m a child of God, [because] I exist.’ He makes this argument to support the right to abort unborn children of God which exist.”

The House Republicans’ Twitter account echoed a quote from President Ronald Reagan as a counterpoint to Biden. “Everyone who is for abortion has already been born.”