Americans Disregard Trump Charges; Care More About Surviving What Joe Biden Has Done to Them

Democratic analysts don’t seem to grasp why the all-out legal assault on former President Donald Trump isn’t working. They continue to chat amongst themselves and ignore the American people.

The American people don’t live and work in the government-legacy media-political bubble of Washington, D.C.- New York. If analysts and reporters listened to Americans, they would learn how decisive the choice between former President Trump and President Joe Biden is. They would also see how difficult — if not impossible — it will be for Biden to be re-elected.

The propaganda-based media is trying to focus the election on what it sees as Trump’s flaws. Dems, including Joe Biden’s campaign, are attempting to focus the election on what they view as the threat Trump represents.

However, the 2024 election will ultimately come down to a simple question: Can Americans afford four more years of Joe Biden’s principles and policies?

Former President Trump’s issues all involve his alleged activities and behaviors. Even the phony legal attacks remain locked into an issue centered on Trump. No American is hurt by things Trump is alleged to have done. Few Americans pay any attention to the politically motivated, nonsensical legal attacks on Trump.

The majority of Americans view the case against Trump as political lawfare. If anything, they are offended by the assault by the left on the Constitution and the rule of law. This is why the conviction in the so-called hush money trial led to a massive surge of contributions to Trump’s campaign.

Far from turning their backs on Trump, the American people found themselves rushing to defend him. They saw him as a champion being unfairly persecuted and took the conviction as a warning of what might happen to them.

In contrast, Biden’s problems all impact average Americans. Bidenflation continues to drive already high prices even higher. Childcare costs increased 4.1% in the past year. Young parents are having to take on third and fourth jobs to break even on costs.

Food prices are forcing Americans to make difficult decisions about how to feed their families. Younger people can’t afford to purchase houses — which more than offsets any goodwill Biden might have generated by (illegally) waiving repayments of student loans.

Joe Biden’s open border policy allows criminals in Venezuela to go to New York City and murder police officers. His open border policy allows fentanyl, along with other drugs, to flood into our country and poison our communities. When over 100,000 Americans per year are dying from drug overdoses, it is hard to worry about how Trump paid his attorney or valued his real estate.

Average Americans cannot afford gasoline, the electric bill, or groceries, thanks to Joe Biden’s soaring inflation. Dems want Americans to focus on these legal attacks. However, Americans are focused on their survival in the terrible economy Democrats and President Biden created.

For establishment elite Democrats, this is all still about politics. For everyday Americans, it’s about survival.

Economically, Biden’s destructive policies make life increasingly expensive. Culturally, people are tired of radical dictates that disparage religious liberty and continually aim to indoctrinate children against the will of their parents. 

As a safety matter, Americans realize the president doesn’t have the ability, mental aptitude, or knowledge to defend our nation against our enemies.

The 2024 presidential election isn’t about what the biased, legacy media thinks. It’s about the survival of America.